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Click to reveal the restoration. Click again (Chrome) or move pointer (Firefox) to revert to the original. Click magnifying glass for the before & after enlargement.

This is another painting approximately 1ft 6 inches x 2 feet, painted on a piece of hardboard .

It's a water colour which had faded and discoloured by over exposure to direct sunlight for many years.

As with the farm scene above, the original was scanned in several sections and then "stitched" to create a new complete digital image.

According to the owner, the restored colour is pretty much how he remembered it to be when he first came into possesion of the original.

The Hudson air crew and the period photo above cannot be classed as a true restoration. Apart from a few minor blemishes, both photos were in remarkably good condition. However, in both instances, the lighting conditions and general over exposure left a lot to be desired so they both needed some extensive glare reduction and general sharpening of the features. The final results are definitely more pleasing to the eye.

Image Density Corrections

This image is a photographic reproduction of a painting on a piece of 20" x 12" panel board and depicts early Australian farm work.

Although it was difficult to see any detail, the sky in the original appeared to be quite plain which in turn, made the first restored image look rather bland and uninteresting.

At the owners request, some clouds were added to give the final result more visual appeal.

Normally, a restoration should remain true to the appearance of the original but in this instance, the owner preferred the modification with clouds rather than the original that was submitted with the plain sky.

The original is estimated to have been painted somewhere around 1895.

Military Portraits

These images are photographic reproductions of two oil paintings, each approximately 3 feet x 4 feet, that were brought to Australia from England in the early 1800's


The Australian climate has not been kind to this artwork, with the result that the paint was quite literally falling off.

This was one of the more challenging projects attempted by Rare Image and required many hours of painstaking work to achieve what I believe to be a true representation of the originals.

The gentleman's name is David Dunlop and the lady is his wife Martha.

Dunlop Park at Corinda in Brisbane's western suburbs is named in their honour.

Restorations from Photographs of Large Paintings.