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With the increasing popularity of family history research, many people are now uncovering old ancestral photographs,

Unfortunatly, many of these old photographs could quite possibly have been damaged or are showing general deterioration in some form or another.

In most instances, these photos can be restored to their "perceived" original appearance by improving brightness and contrast, correcting
discolouration and removing any blemishes that have accumulated over years of reckless handling or less than favourable storage conditions.

The more seriously damaged photos with scratched, creased, torn, or missing areas, also stand a good chance of being restored
to an almost exact visual representation of how we would imagine them to have looked when originally photographed.

Naturally, the final results would be determined by the overall seriousness of the damage.

Unfortunately, some photos can be in such poor condition that producing an acceptable restoration is simply not possible.

Should any of your photographs fall into this category, you will be advised immediatly and given reasons as to why they are unworkable.

To avoid any unwarranted expense on your part, I will not attempt a job where I believe the finished result would fail to live up to your expectations.

Before the finished restored image is processed, a proof copy will be emailed to you for your approval.

Upon your acceptance of the finished result, a new photographic print will be created from the restored digital file.

With regard to costs, I do not require any up front payment. Simply pay in full when your restoration is ready for collection.
-- Please Note --
Your original photos are not altered in any way.

They are handled once for scanning purposes only.
All restoration procedures are performed on the digital file created.
After scanning, your original photos are stored securily and safely until completion and return.