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Has this happened to you?

You're looking at the most magnificent landscape you have ever gazed upon. It's just begging to be photographed.

Unfortunately, the complete vista doesn't fit entirely in your viewfinder so you photographed two, three, possibly four
or more images side by side, to capture the complete scene.


Those "award winning" images have been processed and you've laid them out side by side, to recreate the splendour of that perfect vista.

Now the disappointment sets in. Nothing lines up properly, the lighting is all wrong and the colours of each image don't quite match.

That "perfect scene" doesn't seem to have the same appeal anymore.


Don't despair, all is not lost. Help is at hand.

Your "masterpiece" can be re-created and colour corrected with Rare Image "Photorama" multiple image panoramic reconstruction techniques.

Your images can be seamlessly "stitched" and "blended" to recreate the splendour of the scene as you remembered it.

Absolutely breathtaking.................

Click on the "Landscapes" button in the menu above and select "Galleries" for "Multiple Image Panoramas" photographed in various worldwide locations.