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                                    Image Manipulation is the process of changing the original composition and appearance of a photo.

                                    These changes can include:

                                    * Removing unwanted persons or objects from a photo.

                                    * Adding people into the foreground of a landscape or travel photo.

                                    * Creating a montage of several generations of your family, arranged in chronological order in the same photo.
                                    * Creating a new photo using selected people or objects from other photos.

                                    * Adding relevant objects to a photo.

                                    * Inserting a person or persons missing from a group photo who were unavailable when the original photo was taken.

                                    * Changing a less than desirable background into something more appealing.

                                    * Including two or more subjects in one scene where there was no tripod, or no extra person available to take the group photo.

In short............Anything goes.


There are no limits to the effects that can be accomplished with "Digital Magic".

Give me a call. Tell me what you have in mind for your "Magic Photo". I'm always up for a challenge.

Let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless.