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Whilst the degree of difficulty and time involved does have a direct bearing on the final cost of the services listed above, without knowing how long the project is likely to take, most people tend to expect the worst.

The preconceived notion is that the project will take many hours to complete and to quote an hourly rate only creates the perception of a totally unrealistic and exhorbitant finished price. Lengthy completion times may occur in some instances, but it's not always the case.

To offset the notion of perceived unrealistic prices, you are not charged at a fixed hourly rate. Instead, project costs have been set at a minimum price of $50 to a maximum of $400, irrespective of any prolonged time involved in achieving the desired result.

The expectation of a price from $50 to under $400 becomes a more affordable option and usually fits within the budget of most people.

Please Note: Larger, more complex and specialized projects will be quoted accordingly and the $400 price cap will not apply.

All customers whose project falls within the $400 price cap, will be supplied with a new photographic print of the finished image up to a maximum size of 10inches x 12inches. Extra copies or larger print sizes will incur additional costs.

If required, high resolution digital copies can also be transferred to CD, DVD or flash drive at no extra cost. (you supply the flash drive).

Any original photos you supply are not altered in any way.

They are handled once only for scanning purposes and all procedures are performed on the scanned digital file.

Once scanned, they are then stored securely and returned to you on completion. 

All prints are finished with Fuji or Epson photographic paper.
Canvas printing is also available. Please phone for costs.


"Photorama" - Multiple Image Panoramic Large Inkjet Prints.

Panorama Images are printed on an Epson 9890 printer using Ilford Galerie Paper at 310gsm in 24" , 36" and 44" widths.
The price of your panorama print will be determined by the overall dimensions of the finished digitally "stitched" images.
An example of some popular print sizes and prices are listed below.
24" Wide Paper           36" Wide Paper            44" Wide Paper
24x12 - $36.00            36x12 - $46.80            44x25 - $137.50
24x15 - $45.00            36x18 - $70.20            44x30 - $165.00
24x18 - $54.00            36x21 - $81.90            44x35 - $192.50
Extra Large                  Extra Large                  Extra Large
24x40 - $120.00             36x90 - $351.00          44x80 - $440.00
24x50 - $150.00           36x110 - $429.00         44x100 - $550.00
24x60 - $180.00           36x130 - $507.00         44x120 - $660.00

Please Note:- The above prices are for prints only.

Preparation involves extensive stitching and blending of multiple images to create your panorama.
The overall complexity in creating a large format print is determined by the number of digital images supplied.
 It is essential that the most appropriate paper size be selected to accommodate the finished size of the panorama.
This will help to reduce waste (blank unprinted sides or edges), assuring you of the most cost effective final print.

Preparation & Setup Costs

Number of Images Supplied
                                                                      2 to 5 images        $50 (minimum charge)
                                                                    6 to 10 images        $70
                                                                  11 to 15 images        $80
                                                           More than 15 images        To be quoted as a bulk price. (Discounts may apply)