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All the landscapes created and shown here have been "stitched" from two or more consecutive, side by side images.

Several of these multiple image panoramas are in HDR (High Dynamic Range) format.

 HDR enhances the colour and detail of the original image as seen by the camera. Some HDR images may also take on an almost surreal effect.

It is important to note that the original photos used to create these panoramas were not taken by professional photographers with state of the art equipment.

Instead, they are a selection of my own travel photos, and others taken by friends who have generously provided their snaps for inclusion in this collection.

Each picture is credited with the name of the photographer who supplied the original images for conversion into landscape format.


If you have a series of photographs that could potentially be turned into landscape prints, please contact me for a free evaluation and cost estimate.

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Contributing Photographers

J. C. Geddes
D. K. Longton
R. K. Brown
A. T. Mildred
N. Cope
S. Colley
C. Blackwell

All the original images used to create the panoramas remain the property of their respective owners.